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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I park my car?
    All paddling locations have plenty of parking. In your booking confirmation email we will recomend the best place for you to park your car.
  • What is the depth of the water?
    Water depths vary, depending on how close you are to the bank. You are unlikely to touch to bottom if you take a dip as you will be wearing a buoyancy aid.
  • I don’t know how to swim. Can I still Discover Paddling?
    Yes! All our customers must wear one of our fitting buoyancy aids all times. You must make your swimming ability known to us at the time of booking, and be in our double kayaks with a competent swimmer over the age of 18.
  • What if I fall in the water?
    Falling into the water is not a problem, you will be wearing one of our correctly fitting boyancy aids. You will be taught by the Discover Paddling Team what to do in such an event. Kayaking Our kayaks are open top, so you will not get trapped. Paddleboarding You will be attached to the board with a leash, so it is it wont float away from you. It is possible to climb back on the kayaks and paddleboards by yourself or with the support of others.
  • Can I still Discover Paddling if I am pregnant?
    We advise you speak to a medical physician before taking part in any Discover Paddling activity. Please inform us at the time of booking.
  • I want to cancel my booking.
    We ask that you contact us at least 2 weeks before your booked session. We would hate for you to miss out on your Discover Paddling session. We will work with you to arrange a better date or time. We understand this is not always possible. If you inform us 14 days prior to your confirmed session, you will receive a 100% refund. If you inform us within 7-14 days of your confirmed session, you will receive a 50% refund. If you inform us within 7 day of your confirmed session, you will receive a 0% refund. We book instructors based on each session, so the earlier you let us know, the better!
  • How many people can I book?
    Discover Kayaking We have 14 available seats on every session this includes 2 double kayaks. Discover Paddleboarding We have 16 avalible spaces on every session. However if you have a large event that requires more equipment in one go, please contact us.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    We run sessions in most weather conditions, if in the unlikely event that we deem the weather too severe, we will contact you as soon as possible. We would look to work with you and either relocate or reschedule your session to another time. Please make sure you and your group dress according to the weather conditions.
  • Do you hire equipment?
    We do not hire out any equiptment as we currently use our kit for instructed sessions and memebrs sessions.
  • How do I pay?
    You can book places through our contact us page with your requirements and we will send you through a payment link.
  • What time should I arrive?
    We aim to start our sessions on time, so please arrive ready at least ten minutes early for your session. Please contact us if you are running late. Sessions will not be extended to account for lateness. Any individual late by up to 10 minuets will sadly not be able to join.
  • Is there a minimum age?
    Kayaking We have no minimum age on our private group sessions. We believe age should never be a barrier to Discover Paddling. We have a full range of different sized buoyancy aids. As long as the buoyancy aids fits, they can join in. All under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or gardian over 18. Paddleboarding Our group paddleboaring sessions are for 16+. All under18's must be accompanied by a responsible adult with a ratio of 1 adult to every 2 under 18's.
  • Is there anywhere nearby to eat?
    All our locations are next to fantastic eateries. Your booking confirmation will highlight a number of local places for some post paddle refreshments.
  • Will I get wet?
    Discover Paddling is a watersport provider. You will get wet. Kayaking You will get a wet bottom and wet legs. We recomend you wear clothes you dont mind getting wet, wetsuite or sports shorts. Paddleboarding You will get slightly damp feet and knees. IF you were to completly fall in the water, yes, you will get wet...
  • I have another question.
    If you have another question, feel free to contact us HERE
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