Used but paddle like NEW!

Our Inflatable ITWIT paddlebords have proven the test of time and still paddle like new. We have included an adjustable split SUP paddle and a Palm universal boyancy aid to ensure you stay safe when out on the water. 



10'7 Paddleboard, Detachable Fin, Repair Kit, Rucksack, Adjustable split paddle 170-220cm, Palm Univeral Boyancy Aid.



Paddles like new!

This board does not come with a pump.


Paddleboard Data Sheet:

STABILITY// Very wide (32") and thick (6") for rigidity and maximum stability.

GLIDE QUALITY // Versatile round shape suitable for cruising and small waves

INFLATION // Inflates to 15 PSI in approximately less than 8 minutes

COMPACT // Dimensions when folded in the bag (90 x 40 x 22 cm)

STRENGTH // Sturdy and shock-resistant glued PVC dropstitch construction

TRANSPORT // Using the elasticated straps at the front of the SUP, you can carry with you a waterproof bag with your personal belongings inside while cruising or touring on the water (waterproof pouch for your smartphone, cereal bars, video camera, clothing or accessories) 

(8) 2019 ITWIT Paddleboard

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