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Planet Patrol River Clean Up.jpeg

Planet Patrol

 Keep it Clean

We are fortunate to have wonderful waterways in this country. Unfortunately litter and rubbish make their way into our rivers harming the wildlife and choking the natural flow.


We are partnering with Plastic Patrol and Canals & Rivers Trust on a mission to help clean our beautiful waterways.


Get that feel-good feeling and spend an hour helping us clean the country's waterways.

We have plenty of kayaks to have a small army of river cleaners on the water.

Book online below

What's Included?

  • Paddling equipment; paddleboard/kayak, paddles and buoyancy aid

  • Protective gloves, litter picker, collection bucket.

  • Passionate and professional, qualified instructors

  • Introduction to the equipment

  • Safety briefing

  • Paddling instruction

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