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KPMG Corporate Team Building Case Study.


A small finance team from KPMG Bristol was planning their yearly team build social event; they wanted to include a team building activity that would complement the use of team communication and self discipline through learning a new skill.

Having seen details of Discover Paddling Private sessions, the event organiser contacted Discover Paddling to see if it was possible to accommodate their group of sixteen employees?

Discover Paddling private group sessions are popular for corporate events and celebrations alike. Private sessions are bespoke to each group and can vary in location, duration and water craft to fit the groups requirements.


Discover Paddling introduced KPMG employees to both kayaking and paddleboarding!

After a kit briefing, the group was divided into two groups.

One group was introduced to kayaking as the other group was introduced to paddleboarding. Halfway through the session. The groups were challenged to switch crafters with the other group, adding too much amusement all round. The groups took part in both team and individual challenges to build internal confidence and team bonding through positive communication skills.

Highlights from the event-

  • Employees experience both kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, developing different sets for each activity.

  • The groups worked together to complete a variety of games and challenges.

  • Employees had the opportunity to work with colleagues that they don’t normally get to interact with, and they were able to get to know each other outside of the office.

  • KPMG senior staff were able to relax and enjoy the session, leaving the responsibility to Discover Paddling Instructors.

  • Discover Paddling is located next to the Chequers Inn, which offers free parking and post paddle refreshments. KPMG took advantage of the onsite riverside pub and enjoyed a hearty pub meal to refuel after the session.

Feedback –

“The event was an absolute success! Once Again, Discover Paddling has put on a cracking team building event”

The kayaking and stand up paddleboarding team building event was a fantastic success. This was the second year in a row KPMG have booked a private session with Discover Paddling. The senior staff have been consistently thrilled with the results, year after year, saying:

‘We did a work social. 16 of us doing a mix of kayaking and paddle boarding. Mike and Grace were fantastic hosts facilitating fun, games and shenanigans.

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