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Paddlers Pathway- Russ' Story

Profile: Male, Father, Mid 40's.

Enjoys: Paddleboarding

First time on the water: October 2020

'As a father of a growing son who loves the water and swam like a fish, I was starting to feel a little embarrassed at my lack of ability in the water and my willingness to get involved. My son wanted to try kayaking which meant I needed to do something...

I decided to get some swimming lessons; Initially to get my confidence up before booking a introductory kayaking session with Discover Paddling, learning the fundamentals of paddling - slightly terrifying at first just being on the water but the session was made fun and interesting which put me at ease with more sessions booked shortly after.

Since then we have both kayaked and paddle boarded, including sessions out of Porthleven Harbour in Cornwall.

I have gone down the paddleboarding route and have recently purchased my own equipment including board, buoyancy aid and associated clothing. I have the winter paddling gear ready too. My son prefers the kayak and will hopefully have his own soon.

The big thing for me has been gaining confidence and having a knowledgeable instructor available - from the initial sessions through to the group social sessions they have all helped. The social sessions are not instruction, however there are always helpful tips to pick up along the way. I have recently completed my first solo paddle which I have seen as a massive personal achievement - If you told me a couple of years ago that I would have the confidence to do to at then I would not have believed you.

Going forward I intend to do a paddleboard safety course and continue attending social sessions with some solo sessions for relaxation. Russ.'

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