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Paddlers Pathway- Josephs' Story

Profile: Male, Student, Early 20's.

Enjoys: Kayaking

First time on the water: Mid 2020

'I first got into Kayaking during the pandemic when my family were looking for an activity to do. Having done the odd bit of kayaking on holiday, finding a place so close to me was great as I wouldn't need to travel far for what could be a potential new hobby for me.

After attending a session with Mike at Discover Paddling, he just made the activity so inviting that I just fell in love with Kayaking. By the end of that beginners session, I remember just waiting for others to jump out first just so I could stay in my kayak and have some extra time on the water. Once I realised there were members sessions I attended the next one available.

Kayaking for me is just a place I can break away from the chaotic world of University. Being on the water, surrounded by beautiful surroundings, really brings a sense of bliss that let's me decompress from the hustle and bustle of life.

I have meet some great people along the way at the social events. Everyone is friendly, whether that is people I am paddling with or other water users passing by.

My next step is to get my own kayak. With my own equipment I can then go off and adventure around all the local waters near me at any time I like. It also gives me greater flexibility to meet people from my local area and see who is out and about to go for a Kayaking session.

Its safe to say kayaking has had a major and positively meaningful impact on my life and I won't wish to give up on it any time soon.'


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