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Should I have a lesson or hire?

Here you go, here is a large canoe/kayak/paddleboard and a cheep set of paddles, off you go, good luck!

Sadly we are not all born with the knowledge of how to paddle like Pocahontas!

How hard can it be? We often get individuals tell us about the time they hired a paddling equipment on the beach or lake with little to no instruction. They then end up falling in multiple times, going round in circles, not getting anywhere, and feeling frustrated with themselves. Therefore resulting in handing the kit back early, and a poor experience.

Having a fully qualified, experienced instructor welcome you onto the water will automatically reassure you and help to build your confidence.

From the very start, the instructor will know your names, any relevant medical conditions and emergency contact number if required.

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, so having an instructor guide you and your group will guarantee you paddle in the best location for the current weather conditions. They will also equip you in the correct paddling gear and ensuring all safety kit is properly worn.

Paddlesport instruction starts on the river bank, giving you an introduction to the basic paddling techniques, before putting them into practice. Sessions are adapted to suit each individual groups needs and abilities, ensuring no one gets left behind. We help you to learn through a range of games and challenges, which helps to build confidence while having fun! This makes for a far more interesting and enjoyable session, instead of paddling aimlessly along the river.

The Discover Paddling instructors are constantly praised for their patience and encouragement to get the most from your experience, giving far more value added to your time on the water.

Join Discover Paddling on an open or private group kayak, canoe or paddleboard session to maximise your experience on the water.

We promise you, you won’t regret it.

Discover Paddling Today!


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