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Time; Spend it well.

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Time, the most valued thing in life. How do you spend your? Read on to see how kayaking and paddleboarding is time well spent...

Take time for your mind

Whether it’s absorbing the peace and tranquility of the lazy River Avon in Bristol or connecting with your family or peers on a different level, kayaking and paddleboarding gives our minds a chance to reset and relax from the everyday.

Take time with loved ones

Our lives are increasingly busy and sometimes we don’t make space for the people who mean the most to us. This summer make sure you Take Time to be with friends and family on the water. Make quality memories without the distraction of phones or tablets.

Take time to get healthy

Kayaking and paddleboarding is great for our mental wellbeing, but it is also brilliant for bodies too. A low impact activity which gives great cardio fitness and strengthens the core – what’s not to love?!

Take time to learn new skills

Want to brush up on your skills or learn something new? Discover Paddling runs British Canoeing Start and Discover Awards. Expand your skills and find your next kayaking or paddleboarding adventure.

Take time for a challenge

At times we all need to challenge ourselves. Whether it’s to go further, faster or simply achieve something new. Our famous Discover Paddling Challenges are a great way to push the confidence boundaries.

The most important thing about Discover Padding is that you have fun and enjoy Spending Your Time!

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